Who we are

Rabbit Produser’s cooperative PolRabbit with headquarters in Krotoszyn Province Greater Poland was founded in 2013, the Agricultural Producers Group specializes in the production, purchasing and processing livestock (Broilers) rabbit.

Nowadays, while still declining profitability of agricultural production, livestock breeding rabbit can become an alternative to the traditional patterns of agricultural production.

Appreciate the advantages of rabbit meat by consumers worldwide.

It is healthy, tasty, contains a very large number of amino acids and can be thousands of ways to cook.

During the continuous threat of traditional livestock production lines more recent units by disease (such as avian flu, mad cow disease, foot and mouth disease, etc.) that rabbit meat is still considered to be so healthy meat and is often chosen by consumers. In recent years, we have observed an increase in the consumption of rabbit meat in Poland.

We can conclude that it is "Farming in the future."

This trend proves the growing awareness of consumers about the positive aspects of healthy eating.

Part of rabbit meat production in Poland is exported so that farmers have a stable outlet, and are not exposed to large price fluctuations, which exist on the market for poultry and pigs. Based on the patterns and trends worldwide, where over 80% of agricultural output is produced, processed and sold in specialized groups of farmers, was set up a group of Polish producers of rabbits – PolRabbit.

Each breeder attaches great importance to the high welfare of their animals and to ensuring the best comfort of keeping.

In recent years, the company has expanded its range to include a rabbit kept in a higher standard, which has been confirmed by certification carried out by an independent certification body.

Profile activity

PolRabbit is one of Poland's first professionally organized group of producers of live rabbit. The aim is to ensure the formation of the success of the production in rabbits by the shareholders through:

  • help and advice in organizing and conducting professional farms for fattening rabbits

  • help in the adaptation of existing production to market requirements

  • help in selecting the optimal breeding equipment

  • contracting production

  • buying rabbits

  • advice zoohigienics

  • joint procurement of inputs

  • training on livestock breeding and production of rabbit

Creating a group from the very beginning we realized that the satisfaction of breeding must be combined with economic satisfaction individual farmers. This is possible by minimizing the cost of the group and maximum care for the interests of Rabbit producer.

The polrabbit company is made up of breeders with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge necessary for this specific production profile. Thanks to this, we are sure that the information provided to you will be fully professional and will ensure satisfaction with the breeding.

In conclusion, it is still growing interest in meat rabbit, both in Poland and the world is a long-run trend. So let's examine the possibility of production of rabbit meat in their own farm. With our help you successfully plan, create, produce and sell profitably grown rabbits.