Live rabbit

Breeding material

Meat line was created as a result of long-term selection of both females and males. Selection of females mainly carried out for:

  • high fertility

  • productivity

  • litter weight

  • the total number of litter

  • pup body weight on the day of weaning

  • activity of the mammary glands of female

The program selection rabbit meat in terms of utility, the paternal line of the greatest importance is attached to parameters such as:

  • growth rate

  • correct physique

  • low fat

  • good semen quality (motility, concentration, sperm viability), which affects the level of effectiveness of insemination


Young rabbits hybrid lines, obtained by crossing females with a paternal line, characterized by high increases in the daily, using a good feed for 1kg of growth, very good conformation and high mast properties. They have a peculiar structure of the body, which can distinguish a wide croup, well muscled hind legs and strong back. Hybrids obtained in this way, irrespective of the paternal line, have a similar body weight at the age of 70 days (about 2.50 kilograms - 2,80 kg), dressing percentage of 57 - 58%, and the weight of offspring due to varying insemination 1 from 16.5 - 19Kg.

Our offer

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